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Why do newborn babies’ first baths so often involve crying? How could babies react so strongly to this return to water when it’s what they know best? Is there no other way to go about it?

This is precisely the point of the swaddle bath, to do things differently. It allows the baby to rediscover the soothing sensations of a world that he or she left not long ago, a world without hunger, cold or fatigue. This trip back in time will prepare your baby to better take on the exciting life ahead.

In this swaddle bath session, we guide the parent(s) in giving the bath. We aim to give you the confidence to follow the steps by yourself and reproduce it whenever you want from the comfort of your home.

The swaddle bath is done within the first two months of the baby’s life, ideally after a minimum of four to five days. This gives him or her a chance to acclimate to life and rest after birth, while also allowing the baby’s skin to absorb the vernix, a true miracle balm. From there, the sooner the bath is done, the longer the baby will be able to enjoy its benefits: relaxation, calm, relief of minor ailments and strengthening of the bond with his or her parents.

Consultation address:

Artemise – Calle Caspe 127, A 3-3 – 08013 Barcelona

or at your home

+34 638 17 15 35

· Français · Espagnol · Catalan ·




Appointment upon request


Session: €70 (1 hour 30 minutes)


Pack Offer – 2 prenatal massages + 1 swaddle bath: €185


For more information, you can find more details at






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