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Psychologist Individual Therapy

At one point or another, everyone has problems or goes through ruts—it is part of everyday life. I am convinced that everyone has the resources within them to deal with them.

Nonetheless, there are times when a problem or rut becomes repetitive, suffering becomes persistent and the person struggles to dig themselves out of their hole. This is where the support of a psychologist can be essential. He or she can help you find a new balance in life in a way that matches your individual needs and values.

“The greatest traveler is not one who has made ten trips around the world, rather one who did it once around himself.” (Confucius)

To help you regain control, explore your emotions and/or adapt to a new life event, individual sessions are your solution. This is particularly appropriate for the following difficulties:

  • Fears that paralyze you, phobias that strip you of your freedom to act or move and general anxiety
  • Professional exhaustion or pressures felt at work, including reconstruction after a burnout
  • Sudden and acute stress from current life experiences or past trauma
  • Exploration and management of emotions in a safe and gentle way
  • Taking back control and letting go in relationship difficulties
  • States of depression (not a depressed person, as a person is never frozen in time)
  • Lack of self-confidence that acts as an obstacle to achieving personal and/or professional goals
  • To support the person in their quest for a new balance, there are various therapeutic tools. Through therapy that is brief, systemic and strategic, committed to a stance of “here and now”. In this approach, the patient is not passive. He or she must actively invest in the therapy through exercises between sessions. These exercises drive the patient to experiment with new interactions, new feelings and new outlooks on his or her different living environments in a committed way. Changes are born and improvements are made through daily practice.

On the top, strategic conversational hypnosis is another ally in gently treating trauma, while always respecting the pace and symptoms of each patient.

Finally, the psychologist uses different problem-solving tools that align with collaborative values, including cooperation, participative management and creativity. As a whole, these strategies help spur on professional and/or personal development.

Consultation address:

Artemise – Calle Caspe 127, A 3-3 – 08013 Barcelona

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Also available online

Session: 60 euros (1 hour, on average)


You can find more information at:






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Psychologist Individual Therapy


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Psychologist Individual Therapy