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It is a “hyper-ventilation” which allows us to modify our consciousness in order to release the emotions blocked in the unconscious, which manipulate us and want to express themselves in our daily life. Regression or Rebirth is a simple technique, accessible to everyone. Oxygen is its engine. We arrive in this world by taking a deep breath, we leave it with a deep exhalation.

Regression is a rich and accessible experience that quickly allows you to free yourself from existential parasites by confronting them rather than bypassing them! During the Regression you can relive a scene from childhood, a symbolic scene, another life, another death…

Appointment upon request:

Artemise – Calle Caspe 127, A 3-3 – 08013 Barcelona

+34 613 89 78 98

Francais, Anglais, Espagnol



Appointment upon request

First consultation : 80 euros (1h30)

Consultation : 60 euros (1 hour)






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